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Catching Up

Hello blog, it’s been a little while.  Same old excuse really so you all know the drill by now.  Work, family (which includes baseball & t-ball right now), sleep and back to work.  Not complaining really.  I’ve got a good job that I like, I’m happy to be with my family when I can, and who does not like to sleep every now and then.  So as usual due to how busy I am, my blog and all my faithful readers are the ones to suffer.

I’ve had a little success with the Craigslist ad I posted a couple of times.  I’ve chatted with 2-3 pretty nice guys so far out of all the responses, and…hold on to your asses…..even called and talked to one guy on the phone.  It was a nice friendly (and short) conversation, but I’m sure I will be talking to him some more.  He seems like a very patient and understanding guy and I’ve enjoyed my chats with him so far.  I may post another ad and see if I get any more replies, but I probably won’t bother with Craigslist too much longer.

Anginae posted an ad as well and got some rather interesting responses.  She’s a little discouraged from it actually.   Even though she’s been pretty clear she’s not just looking for sex, some guys are hard to get the clue.  I guess some guys think the surest way to win a lady is the describe their cock to them (or better yet, send a pic of it).  I’ve told her that the best you can hope for one or two guys that are decent and worth talking to.  She’s just taking things slowly and seeing where it goes.

We are both being careful as possible about all this.  We are not keeping things from each other and being as open as possible about everything.  It’s not perfect and it’s not for everybody married couple but we are going to do what is best for us.

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I’m not much of a drinker.  Never have been and probably never will be.  I never drank in high school and very little in college.  I’ve never been shit faced, passed out drunk in my life, but I have been drunk enough a few times to be a pretty unsteady on my feet.

Last night for some reason I decided to have a Jack and Coke after the kids went to bed.  A fairly strong one at that (for me at least).  I did not have the intent to get drunk but figured “what the hell”.  I had the first one and could definitely feel the alcohol working it’s magic so decided to go for a second.    Second one was just about as strong so by the bottom of the second glass I would classify myself as being drunk.  I knew exactly what was going on and can remember everything that happened, but lets just say I was quite relaxed by my nearly 6+ shots of liquid courage.

Anginae and I decided to retire to the bedroom and some sex began to occur (no I don’t need to be drunk to sleep with my wife).  I was a little wobbly and my head was spinning but things were going along pretty good.  I made the comment to her that now is the time to ask if she can use my new toy on me.  A little later she asked and did exactly that.  I’m a little embarrassed that I let her but she says she didn’t mind at all.  I also have to admit it’s more fun to have someone use it on the while you relax than put it in yourself (it felt pretty damn good too).

After we were all done was the best part.  We were all finished up and I had come back from the bathroom and sat on the side of the bed.  My head had been spinning and I was beginning to feel a little woosey.  So how did I finish up our night of wild sex…..I puked in the toilet.  Nice huh.

Well I guess not being able to hold my liquor isn’t something to really be ashamed of.  Like I said I’ve never been much of a drinker so it’s no wonder it doesn’t take me much to send me over the edge.   I just wish I could handle of couple of stiff drinks without finding myself lying on the counch sick.  I guess I just need to keep on working on my alcohol tolerance if I want to be able to drink more.  Just one more thing to add to my list of shit to do.

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One More Time

You may recall some time ago I set up a couple of online accounts to try and meet a guy online.  I met a few nice guys to talk to but,  never made it any further than chatting online.  I was trying to take things nice and slow and didn’t get to the point of actually meeting someone in person.  I started my search after talking it over with Anginae.  She had said she was open to me trying to meet a guy and we had talked it over some before I started.  After a while it became apparent that we just were not ready for me to do something like that.  She started to have some issues with me being online and soon after that I fell into one of my “I’m not gay” slumps.   Soon after that I’ve deleted all my accounts that I had set up and that was it.

So here I am months later giving it another go.  I think this time will be a little different.  This time Anginae has been a bit more encouraging for me to try it.  I don’t know how it’s gonna turn out this time but I’m very curious to find out.  I’m still going to take it pretty slowly though.  So far I’ve put out one ad on Craigslist the other day and I was surprised with the response.  I got about 30 or so emails to what I thougth was a pretty boring ad.  I specifically stated I was did not want to hook up and that I was married with a family.  Of couse I deleted at lease half of the responses right away.   Including the size of your cock (or a pic) got you tossed and some guys were a little too old (there I go with the age thing again).  I replied to about 15 or so of the responses and so far I’ve chatted with about 7-8 of the guys on Yahoo Messenger.  Some of them seem pretty nice so far.  I’m still planning on taking things pretty slowly and being careful.  It’s hard to know who you can meet online and I don’t want to do anything too stupid.  I’ll keep you posted on how things go.

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