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Kiss & Tell

Things continue to move along for both me and Anginae.  I’m not really going to go into any details about her (since she told me not to) but I can say all I want about me.

I shared the details of my first gay date and all that went on that evening.  Since then I’ve met Rub for lunch a couple of times and also went on a couple more dates.  The lunches have been just that, lunch.  I only have 45 min or so and that’s taking a long lunch so all we really get a chance to do is talk for a few minutes.  It’s nice but its short and sweet.

Our second date however is where things got a little more interesting.  It’s not so much where we went this time, but what we did….before the date really even started.   Let me just say that I have gathered more evidence that I really may be gay.  To put it bluntly, we made out, took off our clothes, he sucked my dick, I sucked his dick, we jerked each other off and to top it off, Rub shot is cum all over my chest.  Then we went out and had pizza.  Enough details for ya?

Second date proved just as interesting.  I met Rub after work the other night along with a friend of his at a nearby lake where Rub’s friend had pulled his ski boat out of storage for the first time this summer.  We pent a little time on the water before grabbing some dinner, changing and heading yet again to the same bar from a couple of weeks ago for karaoke.  Rub was going only to meet his sister-in-law and we wind up staying until they shut the place down.  Way too long for the both of us but he did not want to leave her behind.  We get to our motel room at about 2:30 A.M. (he does not have a place right now really……long story) and we of course don’t go straight to sleep.  More of the same as above except I now get to check topping a guy off my bucket list.  So we finally get to sleep about 4 A.M. only for both of us to have to wake about at about 7 A.M. for each of us to get to work (spending the night with a guy, check #2 for the night).  I’m really hoping the next date we have is not quite as hectic.

In between all this Rub has come over to the house to meet Anginae and the kids.  She and the kids really like him a lot; hell he’s a great guy so I wasn’t at all surprised.  I was really happy with how the evening he came over here went.  The three of us wound up sitting on the back porch ’til about 11:30 on a Sunday night.  BTW, Anginae decided to throw in getting really drunk on vodka to make the evening fun for all.

So that’s pretty much the summary of events of what all that has gone down with since the last post.  Like I’ve mentioned lots has happened with Anginae as well, but I think she is going to keep that to herself.  It’s not my business to talk about it really other than to say I know all about it and I’m completely ok with it.  So long as she comes home safe, is happy and honest with me about everything, we are good.  I’m not going to get into my feelings about Rub here just yet.  I’ve got a lot to say about that, but right now I’m just in the mood to give all the dirty details.

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….and I feel like I just jumped off.

That’s what the last week, especially Saturday night, felt like.

Gay initiation…..drinking from a fire hose…baptism by flames….call it what you will but that what last night felt like.

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been talking to a guy online and on the phone, henceforth known as Rub, and Saturday night I finally met him in person.  Except this was more than just a meeting, this turned out to be a date….my first gay date, and as first gay dates go, mine is one I shall never forget.

Last week I had a couple of nice conversations online and on the phone with Rub and I had pretty much decided I wanted to meet him.  He is a very low pressure kinda guy and so I had convinced myself I was ready.  In the middle of the week, everything was coming together to meet on Saturday; kids outta the house at grandparents, Anginea arranging a “date” with the guy she had recently met, so all that was left was for me to muster the nerve to meet up with my guy.  Thing is, Rub wanted to attend some of the PRIDE weekend activities; mainly the parade and a concert.  This idea scared the crap outta me, but Rub convinced me to come up, we meet and go eat or something, and then I could head out before the parade and concert started if I wanted to.  That sounded good to me so I headed up to see him.

We meet, he’s very nice (and cute), go eat dinner and have a nice time.  Things are going pretty much as I expected.  We leave the restaurant and notice that the streets are blocked off (my truck is blocked in the parking lot).  We ask around and low and behold, the PRIDE parade it going to be coming through.  I jokingly accuse Rub of some devious plan to get me down here, but he claims complete innocence.  So I get to attend my first gay pride parade, complete with leather daddy’s, drag queens, topless male dancers, and of course, protesters holding up bible verses denouncing all the evil homos in attendance.

So after that, we go down to the park which has been hosting all the PRIDE day events for a concert and fireworks.  Lot’s of people around and I spend most of my time just taking it all in.  We sit and watch the concert….sit closely to each other at that….and soon there after I have my first ever gay kiss.  We kissed!!!   Not just some peck either, it was a real kiss… several nice long kisses..and I’m doing it all out in the open…at a fucking gay pride festival.

Concert and fireworks over, we walk around a little (holding hands some) and then head out (to stop so I can pee like I have never had to pee before….3 beers and 16oz of water have to come out somehow).  Pee break done so what’s next?  I know, a gay bar.  Better yet, a gay bar that’s about to have a drag show.  So here I am, crammed into a tiny, smokey gay bar, with Rub holding on to me, gays all around.  It was pretty entertaining so we hung around until about 1 am before the late night part of the show started.  I drive him home and before he goes in, we spend a couple of minutes sitting in my truck making out.

That was it, in a nutshell.  One of the most surreal, unbelievable nights of my entire life.  I still is hard to take in all that happened.  It’s not so much that I met him, it’s the almost comical set of events that I took part in throughout the night on my first ever date with a guy.  In a way I was so busy taking in all that was going on I kinda felt like I was disconnected from him and busier checking out everything around me.  I was certain I had a deer in the headlights look on me a good part of the night, but Rub assures me I did not.  He has said he had a great time and really looks forward to meeting again.  So far he seems like a really great guy; he’s understanding of the situation I’m in and Anginea really seems to like him a lot.

A couple days on now and I’ve had a little more time to absorb everything that went on.  I’m actually looking more forward to meeting Rub again than I was after I dropped him off.  Without sounding too egotistical, I’m really proud of myself for not chickening out.  As overwhelming as the whole night was, I’m very glad to have done it.  I’m even happier that Rub still wants to see me again as well and I’m sure we will be getting together again this week however this time I’m sure won’t be nearly as eventful.

I have so much more to say about what’s going on right now.  I barely even mentioined what all is happening with Anginae which is just a big as my whole story.  Stay tuned, there is much more to come.

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