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phelp1I’m sure I am not alone at all in thinking Michael Phelps is hot.  I guess his recent troubles really got me to thinking about writing this post.  I really feel kinda sorry for the guy.  I mean he’s just 23 and I’m sure has plenty of reasons to wanna let loose and party.  I’ll overlook the fact of how incredibly stupid it is to party and hit a bong when you have millions of dollars of endorsements riding on your ass, or at least do so with a group of people who may snap a pic of you doing it.

I’ve always had a thing for athletes in general, especially swimmers and wrestlers.  I don’t know why really.  I’m not athletic at all and I would never have a shot at a guy like that in a million years (never mind the fact I’m sure most of them are straight).  I particularly enjoyed the swimming (men’s of course) events at the olympics this year, but failed to catch any of the wrestling.  I like athletes more than the fact I think they are hot. I’ve always been envious or jealous of them in a way.  I wish I had the talent, skills and the body to be like them.  I know there is hard work and dedication that makes them what they are, but I also feel there is a good bit of genetics involved in it as well.

I don’t know what it is in particular that I think is so hot about Phelps.  I guess saying I have a crush is really an overstatment, but I just really like looking at this guy, in his speedo or whatever he may be wearing.  About the only other celebrity I can really remember liking so much was Mark Wahlberg back when I was in high school (he’s cute now, but no where near his Marky Mark days).  Anyway, this post gave me a good excuse to look for the picture I posted of him on here.  Speaking of that pic, it’s from the December issue of GQ in which he was one of their men of the year, and would you believe that I got a copy of that issue from Anginae for Christmas.

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